Milwaukee 2306-22 HammerVac: A Universal Dust Extractor Kit

When duty calls for a few good holes drilled into brick or concrete, there is no better tool than a hammer drill. It's synchronized spinning and hammering of the drill bit pulverizes these tough materials like no other tool. In this powdered form, though, brick and concrete present two serious problems: (A) it contains silica, a carcinogen (or a cancer causing agent) and, (B) it makes a really big mess. Thankfully, Milwaukee has engineered an extraction kit designed to virtually eliminate the risks of both A and B.

The Milwaukee 2306-22 M12 HammerVac is a universal dust extractor designed to attach to any brand's cordless hammer drill (including SDS plus rotary hammers and AC & DC hammer drills). Trapping debris at it's source, the extractor minimizes the risk of inhaling harmful silica particles and eliminates the inevitable mess that results from pounding holes into concrete. That's a pretty tall order, and the HammerVac not only fulfills it, but fulfills it while also being portable, maneuverable and lightweight.

Without the HammerVac, keeping your worksite clean and safe while drilling into masonry or concrete also keeps you bogged down with cords, hoses and a shop vac. This is far from an ideal working arrangement. On another hand, Milwaukee's vacuum unit attaches directly to the tool, it moves with you without hoses, collects debris at the source and pulls power from it's own 12V RedLithium lithium ion battery. The thing also has a 3-mode switch with an auto-on feature; the auto-on turns the vacuum on and off automatically with the hammer you're using. Helpful, right?

The 2306-22 also delivers a super-powerful suction for optimal dust collection and because the vac weighs only 3.3-lbs, difficult applications (like horizontal, overhead or extended use projects) are easier on your back and body. The HammerVac uses replaceable certified HEPA filters for the best possible particle filtration and because you can replace the filter independently of the dust-box, keeping a fresh filter and, therefore, optimized dust control is still cost-effective.

The 2306-22 HammerVac Extractor Kit includes two M12 RedLithium lithium ion batteries, a thirty-minute lithium ion charger, a carrying case, HEPA filter, nozzle and three side handle clamping collar assemblies. The extractor kit also offers a five year warranty on the tool and a two year warranty on the batteries. Because the battery that powers this vac is compatible across the entire M12 system, Milwaukee has also made the HammerVac available in a smaller kit without the batteries and charger. The 2306-20 includes everything from the 2306-22 kit excluding the two RedLithium batteries and the M12 lithium ion charger.

Altogether, this is a really great kit and an excellent product. Without a doubt, the HammerVac will keep you cleaner, safer and more efficient on the job.