Mind-Body-Soul – Healing Yourself Using Your Mind and Will

How would you like to heal yourself, better yet, how would you like to never be unwell again? Did you know there are techniques and philosophies behind those techniques to make this happen? What if I told you that there is a lot of scientific research to back it all up? Well, if this interests you, I'm sure like to recommend a very good book to you, one that's been on my book shelf for well over two decades and for good reason. The book is:

"Healing from Within" by Dennis T. Jaffe, Ph. D., Published by Alfred A Knoph, New York, 1980.

This book is full of "psychological techniques you can use in partnership with your physician to achieve better health and prevent illness." In Part One the author discusses the healing partnership and disease adaptation, along with the personal message that an illness is giving to you, warning you that your body is out of balance and it is time to realign things, remove stress and resolve these problems. You can either work on self protection or self-destruction, this choice is yours and the author tells you why.

In Part II Jaffe discusses the physical cost of loss and change, as well as the coping and control that must be administrated, along with ditching all those repressed emotions, and why they must be overcome. In Part III you will learn all about internal self-control, and how to actually go about freeing yourself from the past and the biofeedback techniques you are going to need to keep it all going in your new balanced life. Please read this book to fix yourself and stay fixed and balance.