Mind Your Own Business (MYOB) – How to Customize Reports

You can customize most reports by changing the font, the colours, columns, adding or deleting various fields and then you can save it to Custom reports so that you can use it again.

For this exercise we are going to use the Receivables Reconciliation (Summary) Report. Go to Reports – Sales – Receivables Reconciliation and click on Customize. The Advanced Tab will ask you to enter the date that you want the Receivables As Of. Add a date and then click on the tab Report Fields. This is where you can add or delete any fields that you choose. We are going to add the Address 1 Phone No.1 field by simply clicking in the column to the left of the Field description, which will then appear on the right hand side with all the other selected Fields. The last tab is the Finishing tab which has other options to choose from should you wish.

Click on Display. Once the Report is displayed you will see that with the added Field Address1 Phone No.1 it is too large to fit on the page. At the top of the screen you will see that the report has been displayed as a Print Preview – click on the drop down arrow and select Screen Report. In this view you can change the column widths and placement of the columns. Place the cursor over the upside down v until a crossbow symbol appears- right click your mouse and drag the column line to where you want. When you place the cursor over the column heading a small hand will appear which enables you to move the entire column to a new location.

Alternatively, if the report is too wide to fit on the page, you can change the orientation of the report by clicking on File – Print Set Up and changing the orientation from Portrait to Landscape.

Now we would like to change the Format of the Report. This must be done in the View: Print Preview screen so click on the drop arrow down again and change it back to Print Preview. Click on Customize and then Format at the bottom of the window. The Report Line selects the section of the Report you wish to customize by changing the Font and Style. Any changes you make are displayed on the right hand side.

Once you have made your selection/s, click on OK and then Display. Your Customized Report will be displayed with the changes you have selected. You can continue customizing your report until it is exactly how you want it to look and then you can save your report settings for future use. In the displayed report click on Save As, and choose a name for your Report, click OK.

You new report will now be found by going to Reports then select Custom.