Mineral Calcium – The Importance Of Mineral Calcium In Our Life

Mineral calcium is associated with many important functions of our body including development of bones and teeth, normalization of blood clotting and growth of muscles. It is also needed by the nervous system and the immune system to fight against many degenerative diseases.

The most important function of the mineral calcium is probably the prevention of osteoporosis or bone disease in old age. Women are more likely to be affected by this illness in their 60's or 70's and the major cause is calcium deficiency. People who are not very fond of milk and other dairy products should have their serum calcium performed right away to discover whether they are deficient or not.

The Mineral calcium is found in beans, nuts, green vegetables and fortified cereals in addition to milk. Dairy products made from low-fat milk are also good sources of calcium. However, if you are deficient your doctor may prescribe some calcium-rich tablets to overcome this deficiency along with suggesting a proper diet and exercising program.

Mineral calcium obtained from supplements is more effective when it is taken with vitamin D, iron, magnesium and vitamin C. Because of this reason, fortified orange juice is prepared by adding calcium citrate to provide an adequate amount of calcium to the body. Calcium carbonate (coral calcium) is also an important compound used in the preparation of good-quality calcium-rich supplements.

Calcium carbonate provides up to 40% elementary calcium to be absorbed by the blood. Normal calcium carbonate has a low absorption rate, and there before these tablets should be consumed right after meals. However, coral calcium has been found to be more effective in terms of absorption rate and is better than normal calcium in providing long-term health benefits.

The mineral calcium can also be obtained from liquid calcium supplements. These products are ideal to be used by children and elderly people. They are made by blending calcium carbonate or calcium citrate with other compounds containing magnesium or potassium. They are easy to consume and easy to digest. Benefits of calcium-rich supplements include stronger bones and teeth, prevention of many diseases including depression and PMS, and controlling high cholesterol levels to assist in weight loss.

To obtain maximum benefits from nutritional supplements use them with a good, balanced diet and regular exercise. Have your serum calcium performed after every 6 months to ensure optimum level of calcium in the body for long-term health and prevention of degenerative diseases.