Mini Chandeliers

Not all people have large houses that can accommodate large chandeliers. But this does not deprive them of owning a chandelier. There are several available mini chandeliers whose pattern closely resembles those of the large chandeliers.

Mini chandeliers are also called chandelettes. They work best for small areas such as breakfast nooks, stairwells and small dining rooms or bedrooms.

Chandelettes are smaller in diameter than large chandeliers. Usually, they measure less than a foot in diameter. They can be used in pairs or trios for added effect. Their colors are normally in black and white but they are also available in other colors to match the modern design of houses nowadays.

Several online stores offer mini chandeliers. Though suppliers of large chandeliers are still greater in numbers, there are stores that sell chandelettes. Other stores offer free sketch designs for mini chandeliers that are bought in bulk quantities. Because of their size, chandelettes are a lot cheaper than large chandeliers. They can cost as little as $99.

As with large chandeliers, mini chandeliers are applicable in certain types of rooms. The first thing to be considered is ceiling height. The main purpose of a chandelier is to serve as a lighting fixture. If the ceiling is too high, a mini chandelier can no longer fulfill this purpose. Next, the size of the room should also be considered. Chandelettes work best in small areas and look awkward when placed in large rooms. Lastly, chandelettes look well with smaller pieces of furniture. Bulk furniture such as pianos does not match the petite appearance of mini chandeliers.

However, more modern approaches to interior design can include chandelettes in large-scale rooms. This is done by using them in conjunction with other chandelettes or a large chandelier that serves as centerpiece. Their small size and usually dim lighting serve as supplements to the light provided by a large chandelier.