Mini Cooper Floor Mats

BMW, one of the leading brands in European cars, has made a breakthrough in the auto industry by introducing a sporty, stylish, yet affordable model: Mini Cooper. Mini Cooper began its popularity with its appearance in the comedy hit “Mr. Bean”, as he owned a cute little old Cooper. The newer design of this model became even more popular in the movie “The Italian Job”. It showcased the fantastic exteriors of a prized BMW car as well as the well-famous German auto technology in Cooper’s astonishing speed and driving experience.

While the exterior seems to be the main thing attracting car buyers most of the time, the interiors of a Mini Cooper will not let consumers be disappointed. The first things to be noticed is the interior layout: a bold dash featuring a huge center-mounted speedometer, the stereo control system, and A/C control system are re-arranged non-traditionally with a touch of comfort and a feeling of high-tech innovation. Once a person takes a hop in a Mini Cooper, the most impressive thing is that neither legroom nor headroom is an issue for a driver of any height.  Moreover, the Mini Cooper’s interior is truly one-of-a-kind, with backlit armrests in the doors, handsomely sewn seats. It’s surprisingly comfortable for a long drive with good support from the bolster.

Apart from having clean interiors and floor  mats , comfort and stability should also be noticeable once a passenger gets in. Pairing your nice car with high quality  mats  sustains the elegance of the vehicle. The perfect floor  mat  is something that does not get out of place, can be easily cleaned and maintained, and has a very simple but classy look.

Mini Cooper floor  mats  are exceptional because the fit is perfectly made for the vehicle. Their impressive look maintains the positive aura exuded by the car. Even though the floor  mat  is made of rubber, it is environment-friendly because it does not have a strong smell, unlike that of a new pair of rubber slippers or your car’s tires. It is also made slip-proof in order for it to stay in place. It also has a dust-proof element because of its easy-clean texture. What’s also good about these  mats  is that they’re perfectly aligned to the flooring of the car making it appear as though it’s actually part of the flooring. Each  mat  also provides skid-proof floor patterns to make your feet rest perfectly on the  mat . Get your own Mini Cooper floor  mat  now.