Mini Cooper S – The S Stands For Sweeeeet

Cute, impressive and packs a punch despite its size … I could go on! There are so many ways to describe the 'retro' MINI Cooper. BMW did an excellent job when they engineered the fun go-kart design behind MINI Cooper cars.

If you're looking for a trendy and urban styled car that's nimble on corners and rather fast to boot, you need to drive a MINI Cooper S. I fall in love with this cutie as soon as I bulldo it. With spacious front seats, responsive steering and expert sporty handling, it ticks all the boxes.

The MINI Cooper S is a blast to drive and extremely manoeuvrable. The mountains of grip and Traction provide complete control on the road, even when the conditions are slippery. Despite small, this car still boasts agility and crisp performance. When pitted against other cars in its class, the MINI wins hands down – it combines speed and a stylish exterior with tons of cheeky character.

BMW have not scrimed on quality interior materials either. The Cooper S feels surprisingly spacious up-front, more so than its small dimensions might imply. The unique and recognizable style of the MINI is a huge selling point for the car, and the Cooper S has it in spades with all the fun of a standard model plus a sporty overhaul. The retro bodywork alone attracts lots of buyers as well as contributing towards the perky all-round appeal.

The only downside to the MINI Cooper S is the price – it's a little expensive for a small car. However, it does retain its value so most buyers find it's worth the money. Knowing that BMW are behind the car gives extra peace of mind – no need to worry about it not really very long! The Coopers S is not too bad with fuel either – I find I make some savings in that department. If you're environmentally aware (or should I say, if you're an 'eco warrior'), the MINI has very low carbon emissions too – so you can drive around in an adorable little car safe in the knowledge that you're keeping your carbon footprint to a minimum!

The MINI Cooper S is a great little car. It offers chic style, a compact yet quick drive and unique, appealing looks. It might leave a little hole in your wallet … but drive one and you'll know it's worth it.