Mini Crockpots – Cooking For 2

Cooking for two has now become easier with the mini 1 1/2 quart crockpot or crockette, as it is affectionately called. Now you can still cook the meals you love with your crockpot in smaller portions.

When you hear the word crockpot you immediately immediately picture big families sitting down to meals of beef stew or chicken, now families of one or two can take advantage of cooking in a crockette and still enjoy slow cooking, just enough for a meal for 2.

You can even use the mini crock pot to keep your sauces and dips warm.

The crockpot has always been a popular item in the kitchen, now that there are "mini crockpots" the crockpot has grown even more in kitchen use. The smaller crockpot is perfect for the single person, childless couple and the empty nesters allowing them to prepare a meal in the morning, head off to work and after a hard days work have a wonderful hot meal waiting for them. So popular are the mini crockpots that there are now even cookbooks specifically for the mini crockpot. Sometimes when you scale down a recipe it does not come out the same, these recipes are specifically for the mini crockpot.

When set on low for all-day simmering, the crockpot slowly tenderizes meat, turning even budget cuts into juicy meals. There are different sizes of mini crockpots ranging from one quart and up so you can use the size that's best for your needs. They also come in round or oval sizes with temperature setting low, medium, high and warm. The liners are removeable as with the larger versions and are easy to clean. Disposable liners are also available.

The slow cooker is ideal for smaller families and singles, after all even if you're dining alone or with your spouse, you still deserve a hearty healthy meal, do not you?

Coming home to a hot, hearty and healthy dinner will make it seem as though someone came to your home while you were out to work and cooked for you.