Minimum Rules Needed For Air Hockey

If you're ready to begin playing air hockey there are some important things you need to know before you begin. If you want to play the right way you need to know a minimum of 5 air hockey rules. Just follow these five rules for a fun, fair game of air hockey.

1. One of the most overlooked rules when playing air hockey is using your mallet to stop the puck. More specifically lifting the mallet and placing it on top of the puck. This is known as "topping" and can not be done at any time whether before a serve or after a serve during play.

This is probably the one rule you want to keep in your back pocket next time you play. More than likely your opponent will not remember this rule and at some point during play will "top" the puck. This is a foul and you will receive the puck.

2. Another rule that many forget in their attempt to strike the puck is reaching too far and crossing the center line with their mallet. This results in a foul and the puck is given to the other player.

I have been guilty of this one way to many times. I get so focused on the game that when the puck inevitably slow down in the center of the table I reach to gain that extra advantage over my opponent only to reach to far giving the advantage back to my opponent. Do not make this mistake and watch to make sure your opponent does not make it to.

3. In reference to the above rule, there is a rule that states, "When the puck is in contact with any part of the center line, either player may strike the puck." So you can cross the center line with your mallet in an attempt to strike the puck only when the puck is in contact with the center line.

4. Once the puck crosses the center line a player has 7 seconds to execute the shot. Failure to hit the puck back to the opposing player's side results in a foul and the puck will be given back to the opposing player.

5. And the fifth rule to be aware is also the easiest to remember, what score do you need to win the air hockey game? Well the answer is 7. Just remember lucky number 7 and you'll know what you need to win in the game of air hockey.

So if you really want to play air hockey follow these minimum of 5 rules and chances are you will catch your opponent breaking one of them!