Minka Aire Gyro Ceiling Fans – Quality Design With an Old-World Style

There is rarely a bigger letdown in life than seeing something which you know has to be an antique, but which turns out to be pretty new. The Minka Aire Gyro fan is a prime example of that exact feeling. Minka fans are extremely well known to be able to gel well in any kind of environment – whether it is a Flyte keeping an executive suite cool, or an Ensemble in a gypsy’s parlor. MinkaAire ceiling fans are just really well designed, both for being highly functional (moving lots of air quietly) and for being aesthetically pleasing.

Well, the Minka Gyro fan has both of those qualities in spades. First, let’s talk about how great the Gyro looks, because that is obviously the first thing you will notice about it. This grand old (reasonably new) patriarch among Minka Aire ceiling fans features intricately inlaid designs crafted out of bronze. Its motor housing is also finished in a deep Walnut color, which just adds to the Minka Aire Gyro fan’s old school charisma. Seeming to hang right out of the past through a hole in time, this fan adds a touch of class to any room it adorns.

If the Minka Gyro fan did not actually function, it would be a nice conversation piece. However, it is still an actual fan – two, if you want to get technical about such things. But when you turn it on using the included wall mounted control panel, you will notice a few things about its operation. Like all of the Minka Aire ceiling fans, it runs quietly and moves plenty of air (which is why they call it “air management”). But other than just having three speeds and reversible blade direction, the two “mini fans” turn slowly around on the central axis.