Mistakes to Avoid When Looking For Used Bulldozers For Sale

Nowadays, many construction companies are selling off their heavy equipment inventory at a record pace. Oddly enough a volatile economy may become the best time for you to expand your bulldozer lineup.

Not only are bulldozer manufacturer dealers offering deep cuts on used or trade-in equipment, they are making buying new bulldozers easier to do than ever. Basically these dealers are doing whatever is necessary in order to move items off their showroom floors. This in turn creates a great opportunity for a business owner to get some deals on bulldozers for sale, especially veritable workhorses like the Cat D8.

The economy like everything else will eventually rebound and those construction businesses that are prepared can seize renewed opportunities while others are still quaking under their blankets. Read this article to discover some good tips on buying bulldozers for sale.

Bulldozers are some the most powerful and most flexible heavy equipment pieces in the construction industry. Fondly called Cats (abbreviated from Caterpillar, the world’s largest bulldozer manufacturer), “dozers”, these workhorses are the one of the most common items found on any construction site. Bulldozers are separated into two main categories: crawlers with wide, tank-like tracks and faster, rubber tire models.

In either case bulldozers are basically have large hydraulic blades mounted on the front of very powerful engine with a operators cab or seat places just behind or on top of the motor. Dozers are famous for the compact pushing power and go-anywhere mobility.

They are great for landscaping and grading. Plus they make moving around loose materials like earth, sand, aggregate etc. Not to mention, bulldozers are frequently used to clear away small trees, brush and debris and stumps.

Hints on what to look for in Bulldozers for Sale

  • Check out the physical size. The standard idea is that the more powerful the bulldozer, usually the larger its overall physical size. Bulldozers also have size variables with the cab, blade, engine and tracks. But in general you may to compromise between the actual size of the dozer and its capability to move materials.
  • Check out the blade. The wide and height and attachment length are factors you need to take into consideration. The closer the blade is to the body of the machine the faster the response time from the operator but the less ground area is visible from the cab. The further the blade is away, the more visibility the operator has but the slower the reaction or response time.
  • Check out the tracks or tracks when buying bulldozers for sale. Rubber tire bulldozers are often used in the timber or logging industry as well an in surface mining and construction projects where fast speed is a priority. Crawlers are bulldozers with threads on tracks, similar to tanks. These tracks make it possible for these bulldozers to move handily on just about any type of ground. The wider the track footprint the more the weigh of the Cat is spread over a wider surface area. This allows these dozers to “float” over bogs or other wet areas.

Using the hints mentioned above you should able to find bulldozers for sale that match your project needs and budget.