Mix Glass Tiles to Create Stunning Effects in Your Kitchen

When deciding how to finish your newly decorated kitchen with a mix of glass tiles, it is vital you plan ahead and visualise the effect you want to create. Techniques such as mood boards and scrapbooks containing cuttings and ideas are also a great idea. E-scrapbooks are increasingly popular – where you can cut and paste links from across the internet into an e-book online.

Whichever way you seek inspiration it is essential you have a clear idea in mind. And remember, that’s the really fun part. Your walls are a blank canvas after all – so why think really creatively and seek ideas which are going to create stunning effects?

There are lots and lots of ideas to choose. The internet is chock-full of inspiration – from using glass mosaic tiles and different shapes and styles. Glass tiles can be used to create a sleek, stylish and modern look. But it is really up to you to thinking through what you want to achieve and how to go about it.

You might create a solid deck of colour with kitchen wall tiles and add detail and depth with mosaic tiles. You can be really creative with this technique, using the array of colours and texture which tiles are sold in and complementing with the range of mosaics on the market – which now come if 3D-effect, Aztec patterns and marbled-swirl effects. There really is so much to choose from!

Or you might decide to take tiling to new heights and create a complete wall of mosaic kitchen tiles – which can have stunning visual impact when you enter the room, filling it with colour and texture. The creative options for your kitchen are endless.

And we all appreciate that creating the kitchen of your dreams can be difficult. It demands focus and creativity to get the results you want. Plus as one of the most used rooms and the heart of the home, you want your kitchen to have that impact yet be modern with a practical touch… And quite a bit of wow factor!

But the sheer amazing range of kitchen wall tiles and mosaic wall tiles able to add that style and warmth to your kitchen. And with some of the newer effects such as 3D glass mosaics able to give that touch of the contemporary, there really styles, shapes, colours and choices for everyone.

So take inspiration from the seasons, your environment and all you see around you, and go create.