Mixed Marriage: A Life of Bliss and Challenges

Finding love in an international marriage has its own share of challenges. However, according to statistics, the seemingly emerging pattern is that more Asian women are being married to white men. When this happens, a cross culture communication happens. Something that is wonderful and quite scary if you don’t know what you are getting into. You see the meeting of people from north and south is something as magical as this will prove that love really transcends distance and time difference. But you have to remember that aside from distance and time, the meeting of two cultures is the one that sometimes what results to the happiness and challenges of this mixed marriage.

Mixed marriage Challenges

Marriage is not something that you decide on right away and being married to a white man or Asian woman is no different. In fact, you should have weighed everything else when you decide to get into a mixed marriage. There are unavoidable disadvantages in this union that you must be aware of in order to make your marriage work.

1. You both come from ends of the world, where the way of life is totally different. Yours will be a major leap of adjustments. The difference in practices about religion as well as political beliefs may have to result to one acquiescing to the other’s belief just to have a harmonious relationship.

2. Prejudice on social practices, such as sex-selective abortion, often cause early breakup of the marriage as one may not be ready to fully embrace this new-found culture you are bound to live due to marriage.

3. The language barrier often results to miscommunication and misunderstanding that sadly leads to divorce or separation.

Mixed Marriage Bliss

Language barrier to some Asian women is not an issue for failed international marriage. In fact, there are Asian women who are as educated and prominent as white male. Take for example Julie Chen, a noted CBS news anchor and producer is married to Les Moonves, the head of the award-winning CBS TV station. This is a perfect example that this interracial union has its bliss and that anyone with the same situation can make it work.

1. You begin to appreciate cultural diversity since your senses are opened for the new culture you are living in such as places, music, cuisine and smells.

2. You get to experience new things as you keep yourself open for learning international news and current events and not just in your own country or environment.

3. Asian women are naturally good in taking care of families and this is something white men and all men in general are looking for, particularly if white men are beyond 40 or 50 years old.

4. It is true that you will adjust at first to the new culture, but you may look into this as an opportunity for you to develop your interpersonal skills. Your patience, tolerance, willingness, and open-mindedness to a totally different perspective than what you were used to, will make you a stronger person.

International marriage may have its pros and cons but at the end of the day, it is how you accept each other’s strengths and weaknesses that will matter. This is a relationship borne out love despite the differences to start with. You can make it work out if you concentrate more on the good things rather than the bad.