Mixing Concrete With Outdoor Wall Lighting

Outdoor wall lighting is the best lighting for pathways, walkways, driveways, and other garden features. Whatever features you might have in your home or business yard should be a dictating factor when you are selecting your outdoor wall lighting. If you have a yard or business property that already has existing concrete, you can enhance it through a variety of means, including outdoor wall lighting. A decorative concrete contractor will help show you how you can enhance the value of your property by applying one of many decorative concrete designs. When you seek a consultation with a concrete company you will be able to determine if your existing concrete is ready for an overlay, or if there are problems with the slabs in place. If the latter is the case, then you will have to use a concrete company to remove and relay the concrete. If not, you are able to begin using any spray texture decoration or stamped patterns.

If your existing concrete is spalled or contains mild cracks, your decorative concrete contractor will need to correct these distress symptoms prior to applying the decorative concrete treatment. By hiring a professional concrete company, the professionals will be able to examine the quality of the existing concrete and the subbase conditions, identifying problems that exist and correcting them prior to applying any overlay. If your existing concrete is damaged, there are a few different treatment options prior to applying the decorative overlay. One of these includes applying a waterproof membrane. This is a spray texture which is applied on concrete slabs and simulates patterns found in tile or marble. This is an especially useful application is you are decorating areas which surround new swimming pools, offices, retail developments, walkways, driveways, or interior floors. Once this has been done to your exterior surfaces, you can utilize professionals to help you determine where the best outdoor wall lighting can be placed to complement the new and improved walkways, driveways, or patios.

For these areas, there are great stamped overlays that offer water and wear resistance as well as high adhesion. These overlays are typically one quarter to one half of an inch thick. They are best suited for interior applications such as counter surfaces that are meant to be durable and maintenance free, with a cost that is much lower than natural materials. If you can integrate the right outdoor wall lighting into your new exterior design, you can save time and money with the most appropriate set up and the best utilization of light layers and concrete reflections.

When you use the professional expertise of a concrete company and a decorative concrete contractor you are able to use acid staining as well as stencil techniques to enhance the color of your concrete. A decorative concrete contractor will demonstrate the unique designs a saw cut can make in your existing concrete. A concrete company will be able to use dustless grinding to avoid contaminating the surfaces alongside pressure washing and shot-blasting to remove any existing residue prior to staining or applying stencils.

Sometimes acid-staining your existing concrete will optimize a high-gloss finish and therefore will not require sealing. Any decorative concrete contractor will help you to create a marbleized appearance through an enhanced polish blend. Other faux techniques used to recreate the image of natural materials include stippling and ragging, both of which can be done by a concrete company. Once these techniques have been applied then you can utilize the professional expertise of a lighting contractor to determine which outdoor wall lighting will illuminate the best facets of your yard and where the lighting should be placed in order to optimize light.