Mobile Car Wash Sample Contracts

Many mobile car wash owners believe that when they get started they need lots of contracts with companies, buildings and property managers to get exclusivity to wash cars. And it would be smart to have several such contracts drawn up when they are asked for. More importantly you will need a copy of your Liability Insurance Policy. Here is a re-occurring question I keep getting from those who wish to start their own mobile car wash business; “Do you have a sample agreement or contract with office buildings to provide your car washing service there?”

The answer to this question is yes all large mobile car wash companies have many different types of agreements but not necessarily with office buildings. If you are looking to service large parking structures, often you will be making the deal is with the parking garage service, not the building although you must keep the building maintenance and security folks happy too.

Generally a parking service company has the right to run the parking garage and is in charge and you would be put under their control. Thus in a large office building you will find this more often than not. In the case of large office complexes you most likely will be dealing with the property management company and need their permission and thus you will need to have a meeting with them, show them you insurance and perhaps do a couple sample washes. Do not be surprised if someone is already servicing the building weekly, as mobile car washing is a highly competitive business. If you stay in touch you may eventually get the account if the current mobile washers mess up, go off to college or have employee problems as they expand because they bit off more than they could chew. Think on this.