Modern Chandeliers For Today's Fast-Paced Lifestyles

Chandeliers have been famous for being viewed and revered as gleaming emblems and symbols of wealth, affluence and social status. These multi-faceted crystal fixtures were design shorthand for class.

These ornate lighting fixtures were reserved to install only in the homes of the affluent, and were common fixtures in the ballrooms, dining rooms, and hallways of wealthy landlords, kings and queens, and aristocrats. However, as times have changed, and designs evolving, the look and feel of these lighting pieces has also truly been revolutionized.

In the 1960s, the world of interior design took a turn toward less formal but more subtle forms of illumination. Recessed lights, track lighting and other minimalist innovations became the standard trend. These lighting fixtures were often seen as fine pieces for castles, historic estates, grand mansions or the lobby of a classy five-star hotel, but viewed as too impractical, large and quite fussy for modern homes.

Chandeliers Are Making A Unique, Modern Comeback

These elegant and gracious lighting fixtures have been making a comeback of late; and although they still retain their fabulous looks, they are now more fun to look at. Chandeliers are enjoying a renaissance of their own. These multi-tiered ornate lighting moguls have always been seen as regular fixtures in the fine 'furniture sales and country house contents auctions, and sometimes have specialist dealers to deal with.

Now, partly in a revolt against mean-spirited minimalist lighting creators and partly because cut, blown or molded glass and soft lighting are blending into a wonderful mixture that has enthralled many for over three centuries, the private markets are setting their sights for these glittering works of art again. And, in keeping touch with the old traditions of excellence, more young lighting designers are turning out unique, modern but still extraordinarily beautiful 21st-century lighting fixtures.

Today's modern chandelier creations are being produced in a wide array of shapes and sizes, and using a much wider array of materials. Metal chandeliers made of wrought iron are very popular and are seen to have a wider piece of the market. Glass chandeliers are also available, and has a much wider price range. From small delicate lighting pieces that can add an element of style to even a small room, to elaborately designed intricate crystal ones, glass chandeliers offer a range of variety.

According to home lighting analysts, there are no defining boundaries or dead ends for the designing of modern chandeliers. At present, A popular European design company has come out with sleeker and more revolutionary designs as diverse as milk bottle chandeliers that have just one light bulb, to elaborate pieces that have 85 light bulbs.

Sleek designs are now being viewed as the hallmark of modern chandeliers. The sleekness of the design ensures that there are less number of surfaces to clean, and to ensure that this would fit very well with the modern fast paced lifestyle. Less maintenance hassles make modern chandeliers a sensible purchase option for today's diverse line of home and office lighting buyers.

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