Modern Fireplace Accessories

These days just as fifty years ago a minimum list of fireplace accessories includes only a few necessary items. Nothing new was invented in the last century. Today you will need a set accounting of a poker, a shovel for coal, also brooms and tongs. Add to this list a screen that helps to adjust the flame, a grape and log holders, and that's probably going to be all you have purchase for the fireplace.

All of the items above are usually made from steel, brass, bronze and, less commonly, iron. Requirements for special heat resistance are low as no one would ever keep a poker in a burning flame. All the tools are just a part of the interior and mostly perform aesthetic and artistic function. The choice of subjects and manufacturers depends on the owner's willing to arrange an elegant fireplace area.

Many furnaces are also equipped with glass doors that are especially necessary when the fireplace is warm up and can not deal with smoke and then lets the bitter smell in the room. The glass cover helps to prevent it., The doors can be swinging or lifting. By the way, furnaces with a fireproof door are safer than open grates, and allow you to manage the flow of warm air much better and easier. The only drawback is that sometimes the heat-proof glass may be covered with soot. However, it is not a big problem because you can always buy special cleaners for fireplace screens and glass doors. More often the construction of furnaces have special channels that send air flow along the inner surface of the door, and do not allow the soot particles settle on the glass. If your fireplace has no doors at all, you can use a variety of nets and shutters that can be installed directly in front of the firebox. They help to manage the air flow and then regulate the heat level.

One more indispensable attribute of a fireplace is a mantels for fireplaces . Very often it is made of wood, typically of oak or walnut, and then it gets smoothed and polished or darkened by time and soot.

Of course, the cost of fireplaces and fireplace accessories is quite high, mostly because the price of fines and high quality materials. A fireplace is a bright, colorful interior decoration, a symbol of stability and warmth. And to some extent it is a luxury item, and as you know the real luxury just can not be cheap.