Monitor Desk Mount

Both homeowners and businesses are increasingly using a monitor desk mount for their PC monitors to improve ergonomics. If you want to choose one or more of these mounts for your home or office, make sure that you know about the types of mounts and how to choose them.

Consider the options

When you are choosing the mount, consider all the available options based on your need:

• Do you need a monitor mount for 1 or more screens?

• The level of adjustment you require – horizontal/vertical, forward/backward, swivel, tilt and landscape/portrait monitor orientation.

• You may want to restrict pan adjustment to prevent others from getting a view of the screen.

• Does the mounting surface have any issues?

• If you have a touch screen, it will change your demands on the mount.

• Do you require the mount for screens in office, retail, or residential settings?

Once you have determined the answers to the above-mentioned points, it will become easier to choose the right monitor desk mount to meet your needs.

Types of monitor desk mount

Based on your requirements, you will find many types. However, there are a few styles and they can meet almost any type of desk mount requirements.

1. Freestanding monitor desk mount

Referred to as just “stands.” Many of the computer monitors will have a stand. However, you can find desk mounts that can lift the monitor higher or that could allow mounting multiple screens. As expected, the multi-display mounts require some work to set them up, and the single-screen mounts are easy to set up. If you choose a freestanding mount, keep in mind that they require more space. One of their main features is that they have small but heavy bases to save as much space as possible. However, their cable management system is quite efficient and helps minimize most of the clutter.

2. Attached Mounts

If you want to save more space on your desk, there is no better option than an attached monitor desk mount, and it will be even better to choose the one with a clamp system. Another type of attached mount is the one that uses bolt-through for attaching to the desk.

Attached desk mounts provide a higher level of adjustments compared to fixed stands. If you require the mounts for POS applications, you could find further options in terms of pole styles. Even more choices are available for applications involving classrooms and touch screens. You can find special designs with articulated arms that make ideal mounts for retail and other commercial settings. Besides, there are many more sophisticated designs with multiple axis adjustment features.

With so many options in desk mount, it is important you determine your requirements first before making any choice. A big advantage of so much variety is that you can eventually find a solution that best meets your demands whether you require it for a residential or commercial setting.