More and More Americans Are Waking Up to the Global Warming Hoax

The elitists, led by Al Gore, have been successful in not only creating an unfounded global warming scare, but exploiting the fears of the citizens of the earth for the purpose of establishing and policing a world-wide environmental tax, also known to some as "Cap and Trade".

After this bill passed, our President mocked the GOP and accused them of using hyperbole when claiming that energy costs will rise 1,000 percent to $ 3,000 per household. Well, it turns out that he was correct and that the Republican estimate was too high. They are only going to rise a mere 587% (or a 15% rise in personal income taxes), an approximate cost of $ 1,761 per household. Most middle class Americans pay between 10% and 35% of their income to the government, so just imagine tacking on an additional 15%. In a nutshell, this should mean that if we can keep all of our taxes from rising more than 600%, we will all have more than enough money to spend on things that are really important! (Giving you time for the math to sink in.)

Okay. Now that you've regained consciousness, let's continue, shall we? Believe it or not, as bad of an addition of taxation this is – particularly for those millions who have fixed incomes and / or shrinking IRAs – this is not the part that bugs me the most. It is the fact that this whole scheme is yet another building block for control over and captivation of the masses. And, worse yet, it is for something that was basically invented by junk scientists (we will get to that momentarily).

Many of us have been convinced by the Gore-sympathetic media that we humans are the cause of the demise of the planet. On a side note, this is a big part of the globalist agenda as evidenced by the practices of the Chinese who have been receiving praise for their one-child policy which, in reality, is government-forced abortion and eugenics. It is truly sobering and fright- ening when people of power compliment a nation for their accomplish- ments when the things that are getting done are synonymous with rape and murder. Perhaps "success" and "advancement" are simply in the eye of the beholder.

I have found that most people have good intentions and are willing to give the benefit of the doubt. That is surely one of the reasons that media moguls and other influential people take advantage of the principle that "if you repeat something often enough, people will accept it as truth". This never seems to be the case more than in the global warming debate. Because most of the media is in the back pocket of the elites who are toting this stuff, we are sitting ducks when it comes to being victimized by the barrage of continuous misinformation.

As a qualifier, I am in no way suggesting that there are not oil spills in the ocean, or that a smokestack does not affect a nearby community, or that it is not smart to recycle. I am, instead, strongly suggesting that the Gore-ites are using CO2 as a fear factor for promoting a flimsy (at best) agenda. CO2 is one of the four components necessary for survival (just ask any tree). The ominous suggestion of world degeneration started with emission (aka 'greenhouse') gases and evolved into the claim that people are the problem. Though CO2 is being misused for distraction and deception, the real motive is policed ​​taxation and absolute power. And we have all heard about the results of absolute power.

There is some good news, however. More and more reputable scientists in the field of climate are jumping onto the anti-global warming bandwagon. Also, more and more Americans are starting to wake up. I suppose it could be because this theory is quickly becoming a reality in their wallets.

The fact is that there have been climate swings for centuries. Likely longer, except that they were not always measured. And now many are coming to terms that, perhaps, they have just been getting duped all this time, thanks to the UN and their cronies. I would suggest that you get a bunch of tea and pour it into the lake and cry "No international taxation without national representation!" Except for the fact that you might kill a few fish while doing so.