More Questions to Consider When Buying a Grill Cover

If you've just got a new grill and want to protect it with a grill cover, you should consider a few things before rushing out to buy any old thing you find. This article will explain some of the questions that need answering.

Does it have a felt lining?
How long are you hoping to use it before having to replace it?
How much are you willing to spend?

The first question was about the felt lining that some covers have. As long as you wait until the grill is completely cool before putting the cover on it there is no need to buy one with a felt lining. In fact, some people find that all they get from that are rodents ripping the felt off of the grill cover, sometimes destroying it.

The second question ties into the quality issue from another article. It is about how long you plan to have the gas grill covers before having to replace them. If you buy the cheapo $ 30 gas grill covers at Lowes or Home Depot, you can expect to have to buy a new one within the year.

The third question asked about how much you were willing to spend on a cover. Obviously, in most cases, if spend a little extra you will get better quality. Opt for the $ 50 options instead of the $ 30 ones and you'll be able to use them for a couple of years, which will save you money in the long run.

While you could just rush out and buy a cheap cover, we feel it's more in your best interest to evaluate these questions and find the best answer before buying, to ensure that you do not get something too cheap which could need replacing after one season .