More Than One Way to Remove Wrinkles

Can you really remove wrinkles, without surgery, or is it all a bunch of advertising hype? Fixing wrinkles is possible, as long as you take the right approach. Over the years, dermatologists have had different opinions on how it can be done. Let's take a look at the theories.

Paralyzing the Facial Muscles

One of the oldest theories is that habitual facial expressions cause wrinkle formation. That's why you hear terms like "laugh lines" and that's why Botox injections became popular. Before Botox and collagen injections, the most popular method to remove wrinkles was a "face-lift" to "stretch" out the skin, increasing firmness, which reduced the depth of a wrinkle and caused fine lines to disappear.

Still today, after all of these years, the idea of ​​paralysis facial muscles is still popular. Many of the new creams on the market, commonly advertised as "safe Botox alternatives", claim that a compound called "Argireline" is effective for fixing wrinkles. What does argireline do? It numbs the tiny facial muscles.

Wearing Sunscreen

Over the last two decades, the popular theory has been that 90% of all the signs of aging are caused by sun-damage. So, most of the "supposedly" cures for fixing wrinkles contain sun-screening compounds. In some products, the sunscreens are the only active ingredients.

Preventing wrinkle formation by avoiding overexposure to the sun is one thing. But, how can a sun-screening compound remove wrinkles? It is simply illogical.

Fighting Free Radical Damage

In a recent report, the American Association of Dermatologists proposed a new theory. They have seen that the number of free radicals in the skin of an older person is higher than it is in that of a younger person. They have also seen that antioxidant levels are lower or absent entirely.

Antioxidants normally keep free radicals in check. When they are missing, free radicals damage the cellular membranes, the collagen fibers and the DNA strands. The Dermatology report concluded that this cellular damage is the cause of all of the signs of aging.

If that is so, how can fixing wrinkles be possible without surgical reparations? Well, first you have to increase the antioxidant capacity of the skin's cells. That will help remove wrinkles, because not only do some antioxidants, like coenzyme Q10, prevent damage, they also repair damage that has already been done. Once you have covered, you move to step two.

Growing Some New Skin

It is not impossible to encourage your body to produce new skin-cells. The latest studies have shown that protein peptides increase the production of new skin-cells and fiber. They also increase firmness, which, as you remember, is why a face-lift is effective for fixing wrinkles.

There is a new line of products that includes all of the antioxidants that it takes to fight free radicals, as well as active protein peptides that help remove wrinkles and increase firmness. The best thing is … the ingredients are all natural, literally safe enough to eat. What more could you ask for?