More Valuable Than Money – Important Things in Life

Money is not everything. Or so they say. Here is a list of things that you can invest your time in that will always pay big dividends:

Family first. Putting your career before your family is rarely a good idea. You may feel like you need to do it in order to stay competitive in your field, but in the end you will lose. You will lose out on the kind of legacy you could have as a proper father and husband, or wife and mother. Your family will recognize that you need to spend a good amount of time at the office, but always choose your family over your job if there is ever a conflict.

Friends next. After your family you will want to value your friends. Many people stop taking the time to make or nurture friendships in pursuit of their own financial goals. If you choose money over friends do not be surprised when you have money, but no friends to share the good times with.

Health always. If you are leading a life of high stress, lousy diet, and no exercise, you will eventually experience the consequences of poor health. Getting so caught up in your career and the desire to make money might be causing you to neglect your number one asset: you! Be sure to do your research on the proper healthy lifestyle to give yourself the most time to enjoy your success.

Children are the future. If you care at all about the quality of our society or the economy, you should care a bit about children, even if you do not have any. Children will be required to take over things at some point so it's best if you can invest some time and energy into making their world a little brighter.

Be neighborly. You do not have to be like Ned Flanders, but you can at least take the time to get to know the people you live around. It does not matter if they are a different age than you or are in a different industry. Society in general is made up of all sort of people and your neighbors will probably represent a small sampling. They can be a good source of friendship and comfort in a time of need.

Always be learning. As long as you have your brain you can always use it to learn new things, or to expand your knowledge of things you already know. Going to a good college is not the end game for learning. You should always push yourself to know more and learn more, in any field you find an interest in.

Have fun! If you work so hard to make money and invest it and always get good return, you may seem like a horse with blinders on. Be sure to have your share of fun along the way and keep things in perspective.