Moroccan Tiles – Tips To Creating Your Own Backyard Oasis

An oasis in the desert can slake your thirst. An oasis in your backyard can

sate your senses. To turn your patio into a bright and colourful place to escape

after a hard day, try some of the following suggestions.

Take some inspiration from the Mediterranean north coast of Morocco. Incorporate

the striking color schemes, and set it against the cool blue water of a swimming

pool. Zellige art, a tradition of geometric mosaic, is a mainstay of Moroccan art. Moroccan tiles could be the answer. Line the outer edge of the pool to create an inviting border, or overlay an ordinary courtyard surface with tiles to make an intoxicating geometric pattern, perhaps one beautifully radiating out from the center.

Another option might be a Moroccan mosaic fountain, which makes for a striking

focal point in any yard. The pleasing sound of trickling water blends nicely

with warmth of the sun’s rays. Typically standing about five feet tall,

including the backdrop rising up from the water tank, these fountains can

feature any number of designs. Often created in shades of gold, blue, or red;

they can range in patterns from sunbursts to arched shapes reminiscent of

Moorish doorways.

Stylishly shaped wrought iron chairs from Morocco also work beautifully outdoors

as patio furniture and are durable in all types of weather. Another possibility

might be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint in a vibrant hue to existing

faded wooden patio furniture. For more informal seating, sling a hammock in a

corner between two trees and drape translucent linen overhead for a sunshade.

Maybe even attempt something more outlandish, hang an antique window with

different colored panes of glass on chains from a tree branch.

Ferns in bold orange terra cotta pottery work nicely with bright Mediterranean

color schemes. Lush vegetation and palm trees will further add to the feeling of

relaxation and casual fertility. Got a green thumb? Try an arbor of hanging

vines and watch it thrive, or plant some fragrant jasmine flowers. Burn some

incense or, to fight off the chill of dusk, try a chimenea with some aromatic

cedar wood.

To light up the night, an evening can be further enjoyed with a deck of hanging

lanterns from Morocco. Made from colored glass and cut into unique shapes, these

geometric designs in the lamps echo the undulating patterns of the tiles and

cast glowing shapes of across the ground to complete an enchanted setting.

Have a magical night with an informal picnic in the backyard. Drag out a throw

rug and pillows, sip on some wine, and watch the stars. Sit back and enjoy your

private paradise.