Morso 2B Classic Stove

It has to be said that the Morso 2B classic stove will not be to everybody’s taste as this is something of a different style and a different look. However, it is also worth noting that the Morso 2B classic stove has been around in a variety of different forms for well over 70 years. The long accentuated structure of the stove allows it to fit into a variety of relatively small areas although there are add-on accessories which further heighten and yet again change the look and feel of the stove itself. So what does the Morso 2B stove have to offer?

The problem for many people is the fact that they tend to see the design and the structure of the store first rather than appreciate that while it has been around in various forms for over 70 years it does contain the latest combustion technology, abide by all of the environmental regulations and offers a traditional look with a touch of modern technology. When you also take into account that the Morso 2B offers 8 kW of heat output this is certainly not a machine which should be ignored and put to one side.

The stove itself has dimensions of height 1090 mm by width 328 mm and a depth of 718 mm making it a rather large and fairly slim stove. It is able to accommodate extended logs up to 45 cm in length and comes with a variety of technological advances which include air wash system, primary and preheated air supply as well as riddling grate and ash pan. It works on radiant heat which means that in effect the heat created by the burning of logs is held within the stove body for many hours and radiated into the atmosphere over a prolonged period of time. The efficiency rating on this particular model is 75% which perfectly illustrates the relatively small loss of energy when converting between logs and radiant heat.

As we mentioned, the Morso 2b Stove may well not be to the liking of everybody due to its very different style but there is no doubt there is a market for traditional looking stoves which are able to accommodate the latest combustion technology and radiated significant heat over a prolonged period of time.