Mosaic Art – Another Creative Outlet

Mosaic is the art of creating images with small pieces of tile. It has been around for centuries. Mosaic art can be used to add pizazz to picture frames, tabletops and backsplashes, to name a few.

Arranging mosaic tiles into an image can be a science. Artists have used mathematical equations in order to create intricate patterns. These days detailed works are often designed on a computer first and produced with the use of computer- aided drafting programs. The tiles can be glued onto a variety of surfaces including wood, plaster, concrete, glass and metal.

Preparation of the surface is very important to ensure the work remains intact. The method the tiles are arranged will also play an important role in the integrity of the piece. The direct method involves gluing the tiles directly onto the surface, following the under drawing as a guide. The work can be visible as it is made, allowing the artist total visual control. The disadvantage of the direct method is that it must be done at the desired surface, which can be tedious for those working on walls and ceilings. In addition, evenness of the surface is more difficult to control with this method.

The indirect method allows the work to be transferred from one place to another. The tiles are placed face down on a paper backing then later transferred to the surface. This method results in a smooth surface and is good for large projects.

The double direct method is the most complicated. The tiles are placed on a medium such as a fiberglass mesh and then covered again with another layer which makes this method ideal for works that require major transportation.

Anyone can enjoy creating mosaic art because the supplies are fairly basic. Artists can find a variety of tiles from those who sell wholesale mosaic tiles for low prices. Grout can be purchased from any home improvement store and is easily dyed to match the work. Stepping stones and coasters are good projects for the beginner artist. More advanced enthusiasts can create beautiful table tops and floor pieces. The extra ambitious can challenge themselves by using mosaic tile art for their backsplashes in their bathrooms and kitchens.

Children can also enjoy mosaic tile art. Fun kits are sold with basic instructions that are easy to follow. Kids will enjoy putting their personal spin on name plaques and picture frames. Mosaic art is fun and relaxing. People of all ages can enjoy creating artistic, personal works. Because of the individuality of each small tile, mosaics are like snowflakes-no two are the same. Colorful, patterned tiles broken into small pieces can make a piece full of detail. Creating images requires a person to break an image down to tiny segments. Get started with mosaics today and open yourself up to a whole new way to look at the world.