Mosaic Patterns

Tiles are normally used for construction purposes. Nowadays, however, mosaic tiles are being used for various other purposes besides the construction of houses and buildings. Mosaic tiles make great pieces of mosaic art when glued in a creative way. The same goes for ceramic tiles and porcelain. This mosaic art can be used in swimming pools, tables, mugs, etc. However, the difficult part in creating mosaic art is choosing the right mosaic pattern.

Ideas for mosaic patterns can be found in abundance in children's coloring books. These pictures make excellent patterns for mosaic art. The main reason these are the best sources of inspiration for mosaic patterns is because the images have just enough detail for creating art, but not so much detail that it is overwhelming. The drawings for mosaic patterns have to be simple, as the drawing is usually only a map. You have to only note the details and shading of the tile when choosing the right tile for the mosaic pattern. Usually, it is of no use to sketch out details of the drawing for the mosaic pattern if the details are smaller than the smallest mosaic tile.

Another reason for choosing children's coloring books for mosaic designs is that the pictures include nearly any theme imaginable: historical events, ships, human beings, animals, architecture, etc. Coloring books are cheap and available everywhere, providing yet another reason for people to choose mosaic patterns from coloring books. Moreover, if required, you can always change the pictures or combine several into one scene to give a different mosaic pattern altogether. Obviously, using children's books is a much better choice than getting generic patterns from a stained glass store.

Now comes the part of selecting the right color for the mosaic pattern. There are glass mosaic tiles of various colors available. When used with the right choice and the right imagination, glass tiles can indeed create a spellbinding mosaic pattern.