Mosaic Tables

Mosaic is a form of art that is very appealing and attractive to the eye. Mosaic art is created using mosaic tiles that are glued together to get an interesting design. Similarly, mosaic tables are tables that have a tabletop made of mosaic art that can then be transferred to a wrought-iron base or wooden base to create a colorful table.

To make the tabletop, first a mold or stepping-stone is required. Then, adhesive paper has to be cut to fit the bottom of the mold, where a circle or outline of your design has to be used as a template to put glass pieces. This mold has to be coated with a layer of petroleum jelly and then covered with adhesive paper placed sticky side up on the bottom of the mold. Now, it is time for the arrangement of the precut glass pieces on the adhesive paper according to your design; then, the pieces are rolled with a brayer to push all the edges of the tiles down. Next, some quick drying cement has to be prepared with water, adding a little powdered colorant to give the concrete a tint. Pour this concrete into the mold, over the glass design, but not all the way to the top. To remove any air bubbles that may be present; the mold has to be tapped on the surface. Let it dry for an hour.

After drying, the mold has to be turned upside down and the adhesive paper peeled off. Remove excess concrete from the design using a sponge dipped in water and a scraping tool. Now the mosaic tabletop is ready; it just has to be placed on top of the wrought iron or wooden base.

When making mosaic tables this way, however, it should be remembered that this is the indirect method of creating mosaics. This is considered indirect because as you work from the bottom of the stone, and any words or numbers used should be placed backwards. Then, when you flip the stone over, the words will read correctly.