Mosaic Tile Projects – Is it Durable For Years Ahead?

Mosaic Tile Projects are perfect alternative to traditional tiling such as ceramics. The natural “look and feel” of these unique stone panels opens up limitless opportunities and ideas for today’s interior and exterior design. In this quick article learn how a simple tiling technique can easily help you on transforming your home’s interior/exterior modern and luxurious.

Some basics

Mosaic Tile Projects are created by fixing together the same beach-stones that are selected by hand and then fixed onto a sq/ft mesh backing seamless tile. The seashores of S. East Asia are rich with these flat pebbles, and indeed most of these tiles are originated from that part of the world. There are so many applications provided by this unique tiling technique: Flooring and countertops for kitchens and bathrooms, wall coverings, patio floors, pools, wine cellars and fireplaces.

Main benefits

When we examine the advantages and benefits provided by this tiling technique, we find the following:

+ Easy to be replaced if needed.

+ Installation process is quick and takes only a few hours.

+ Easy do-it-yourself installation that doesn’t require any special skills or professional background.

Helpful advices!

+ Make sure the surface you are about to tile is flat, clean, dry and free of contaminants.

+ Order a small sample of the desired tiles prior to making a complete order – just to make sure it answers your expectations.

+ Measure the designated area first, and then add 5%-7% more to your order just as a backup for future use and in case you may need to repair or cut small tile pieces in order to tile small /narrow spaces.


Mosaic Tile Projects redecoration technique enables you to bring nature into your home, undoubtedly providing unique atmosphere and feeling to any room setting. There are probably many other pluses provided by this stylish home redecoration option, simply because any home-maker can use it at minimal effort. As mentioned earlier installation is quite easy, however, it is advised to use the following tips & advices before installing these stone panels.