Mosaic Tile

The texture mosaic tile is very much similar to the texture of ceramic tile. We use mosaic as covering material of floor and wall or other surface. The different between mosaic tile and ceramics is the size of the mosaic, which is smaller. The raw materials of mosaics are generally made from clay, marl, stones powder and some kinds of mixed sand.

To generally constructing mosaics, you need to have a design in mind and start with a pattern for your mosaic. Draw your design on a piece of paper with markers or colored pencils. There are plenty of mosaic tiles around with many colors, shapes and sizes that you can choose from for your mosaic design. Mosaics can look beautiful by adding color tones.

I would recommend for the beginner to choose the mosaic tiles from ready cut in designing your mosaic. This is the fastest way. Mosaic tiles can be cut using a pair of tile nippers. The size of mosaic tile is generally about 5*5 centimeter. When using mosaic, you will assemble small pieces together and stick with paper glue or other materials.

When starting constructing a mosaic, it is usually a good idea to lay the mosaic tiles first before you fix them with glue. This way you get an idea as to how the colors and shapes look together in the mosaic. Lay out the pieces of tile on the paper to be sure that you have enough pieces of each color and remove the tiles and lay a sheet of clear acrylic over the design. Then apply a layer of adhesive to the back of each tile using a palette knife, and place it in the correct position.

Always lay tiles for the main subject first and then do the boarder as these tiles are the most important. If you need to cut or move tiles around each other it is easier to do so without the background getting in the way. When laying the boarder tile of your mosaic, start in the corner and work your way out as the corner tiles are often a little more intricate than the normal side tiles.

You will usually need to create the smooth finish by applying grout to the mosaic. Grout is generally mixed with water. Spread grout over the entire design after you have all the tiles in place. Make sure the grout is not too stiff – you risk pulling off little pieces of tiles that have not been glued on properly. You must get the grout down between all the tiles, and make it level with the tile tops. It is important that you have more than enough grout as often it is hard to tell how much you will need, so always make a little more than a little less, especially if you are mixing color into it.

Leave the mosaic until the grout is firm and dry. Lastly, clean the surface of the mosaic pieces and polishes the tiles with a clean, damp cloth.