Mosaic Tiles – Creating Attractive Illusion

Have you ever seen attractive artwork on floors in churches, cathedrals or in old palatial houses? Do you know what makes such an attractive piece of artwork? That’s mosaic, made of small pieces of glass (plain or colored), marble, ceramic, colored stones or other similar materials. Use of Mosaic and Mosaic tiles is very popular in decorative art, interior decoration, and flooring. It creates a beautiful impact wherever used.

History of Mosaic The tradition of using mosaic in decorative art, interior decoration as well as in real estate is not new. Evidences show that Mosaic is being used by human being for a very long time. You can see extensive use of Mosaic in Macedonian palace-city of Greece, which was made during 4th Century BC. Mosaic was a hot product in interior decoration purposes during Roman Empire. The Mosaics of the “Villa Romana del Casale” near Piazza Armerina in Sicily are the largest collection of late Roman mosaics in the world and are protected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Preparation of Mosaic Nowadays different forms of Mosaics are in use. They are popular everywhere, from kitchen tiles to road-art, wall paintings, home flooring, and construction of domes inside churches and cathedrals. The way of mosaic preparation differs according to the intended use of mosaic products. It requires intense level of perfectness in terms of imagination and artisanship. Each piece of material used in making of Mosaic is known as tesserae and according to the techniques used in making of Mosaic there are three main processes:

o Direct Method – It involves direct placing of tesserae on the supporting surface. This process is suitable for smaller projects like making of tabletops, mirrors, and pictures.

o Indirect Method – This process is used for larger mosaic projects where artists prepare mosaic tiles separately and then install them to actual location. This is suitable for making of floors, walls, fireplaces, and splash backs.

o Double Direct Method – This is modern type if direct method referred as double direct method. This process is used in such a case where it is important to know the final outcome during the mosaic building process.

Mosaic tiles are multipurpose, robust and stylish. Numerous varieties of mosaic tiles are available in market with different designs, colors, and textures. There are several advantages of using mosaic tiles. You will not only provide a classic look to various sections of your home by placing mosaic tiles in and effective manner.

Mosaic tiles can be used in bathrooms, living rooms and even kitchens. You can give attractive look to your fireplaces by strategically using mosaic tiles. With mosaic tiles, you can enjoy virtually unlimited options of remodeling your home or office. Mosaic tiles can create a tremendous interior or exteriors for you if used properly.