Mosaic Tiles – DIY

When one thinks of installing your own mosaic tiles, there are strong assumptions of complicated, lucrative designs of the Roman Empire. I am not suggesting that the mosaics you have in your home have to be like how the Romans did. When installing your own mosaic tiles in either your bathroom or kitchen, you open yourself up to a world of unlimited designs and possibilities of how you want your room to look. The power of doing it yourself enables you to create your very own patterns and layout of the design. However, this would be a very hard and complicated task, which is why new style mosaics are made in sheets for easy tileing and DIY purposes.

To install mosaic flooring yourself is fairly simple. The key fundamentals one should remember when installing mosaic tiles is that it is imperative the sub floor is clean and dry. This will give a strong foundation to the tile and enable it to stick. If the floor is covered in dirt and debris there will be less cohesion of the tile and cement, which will inevitably loosen the tile. The adhesive you use is imperative. By using a good quality adhesive you will know the tile will stick and not fall apart, which is something you most definitely do not want happening with mosaic tiles because once one piece breaks the rest will follow. There are two different mainstream types of mosaic tiles that that can be purchased: glazed and unglazed. When one uses glazed tiles it is important for safety that they are not used on the floor because they tend to be very slippery when wet, therefore should be used on the walls. Non glazed tiles grip more when wet and should be used on the floor. Finally during the installation of the tiles is it imperative that when laying down the especially in showers and wet- rooms is that they are level. This is because if they are not made level water will not flow where you indent it to. On many occasions it is known for some rooms to flood and not drain properly because of the way in which the tiles are laid.

The maintenance of mosaic tiles is not a complicated process. By being single tiles they are subject to entrapping more dirt; however a simple once over with a vacuum or damp cloth is sufficient. These types of tiles are very easy to clean and maintain which is why they are use mainly in kitchens and bathrooms where there is a constant flow of mess from cooking and soap etc.

From this article it is possible to see that installing mosaic tiles yourself is not as complicated as you may have thought. With the correct tools and making sure the foundations are right enables you to create any floor or wall design you want. Furthermore, the maintenance of these tiles is as simple as cleaning a normal floor, there are no extra cleaning utensils required because these tiles are made from strong durable materials.