Mosaic Tiles

When it comes to updating the floors in a house, a decision must be made as to which tile, carpet, hardwood or laminate should be used for the flooring. You have to choose depending on the room being done and what look and feel you are after. Mosaic tiles, which are versatile, durable and trendy, can be used in areas that have high traffic in the home and that need a product that looks good and can stand up to a lot of action.

Mosaic tiles come in a wide choice of textures, colors, layouts and shapes to suit to your requirements. They are so fun and colorful that sometimes they can even be considered pieces of art. Mosaics are often used in showers and on floors to add vibrant color and style to the room. Actually, all types of glass, ceramic and stone material are used as improvised mosaic tiles. There are vitreous-glass mosaic tiles, ceramic mosaic tiles and stained-glass tiles. The vitreous-glass mosaic tiles are like a plain sheet of transparent glass that is not clear and cuts easily and cleanly. There are also ceramic tiles that are mostly used for architectural purposes. However, most of the ceramic tiles that are found in hardware stores are a little thick for cutting into small pieces for smaller and more detailed mosaic work. Most of the mosaic tiles have ridges on the back side so that glue can bond more securely to the tile.

Mosaic tiles have to be cut to be used for laying. This can be done using a mosaic glass cutter for glass mosaic tiles and by using a tile nipper to cut ceramic mosaic tiles and stone tiles as needed. To arrange tiles in a grid, it is vital to have the tile attached to fiberglass mesh or paper mesh. If there is ever a need to remove the paper or mesh to make the tile loose, all one has to do is to soak the tiles in warm water and the tiles fall off the paper or mesh.