Moscow – An Interesting Place to Visit

When in Moscow the sun is falling, at the east side of Russia the sun is rising. This is what makes this country different from its European neighbors. Its farthest regions are at the east side farther than China; the island of Sajalin practically Touches Japan and over the ice of the Bering Strait, that separates Siberia and Alaska, from time to time an Eskimo crosses from side to side.

Russia owns cotton plantations in Central Asia, petroleum in Volga and Daguestall, big woods, etc. A sixth part of our planet is occupied by Russia. A country with those dimensions has to have a capital that shows to the exterior world the power of the nation. The tradition says that Moscow, the same that Roma and Bizancio, was built over seven hills; these hills might not be appreciated, but what can be seen from any point of the city is some of the "Seven Candles or Seven sisters of Stalin", an encyclopedic skyscrapers of Baroque-Gothic Russian style. Among them, the hotels Ukraine and Leningrad, and Lomonosov University, placed on Lenin hill from where the whole city of Moscow can be observed.

One of the things that catches the attention as soon as you get Moscow is that the pavement of the city is undulated. Even the Red Public square, that one imagines plane, results to be excessively convex, which produces a sensation of profundity. What in Russia is called Krasnaja Ploscard (Krasnaja means red and beautiful, because red was considered the most beautiful color), the republic square where it can be seen the walls of the Kremlin, the famous Gum Stores, the Museum of History, and the magic Cathedral of Saint Basilio, is the core of the city and of all Russia.

Crossed by the extensive turns of the Moskova, before becoming into that beehive of more than 100 millions of habitants, before lodging the fastest and most beautiful "metro" of the world, before leaving space to exuberant wooded boulevards, the city was limited only to the Kremlin. It used to be said that: "over Moscow, it is the Kremlin and over the Kremlin, it is the sky.", With its cathedral, palaces, and public squares.