Mosquito Barrier: Attack Where Mosquitoes Hide

A mosquito barrier offers the ultimate mosquito control system because of the way it works. The barrier takes the form of a mosquito misting system that sprays a fine mist around the perimeter of the area you want free of these pests. In order for it to work properly you must first know where mosquitoes hide in your yard when not active, make these areas a no-go area for them and then create a barrier through which they cannot penetrate.

Where Mosquitoes Hide

So where do mosquitoes hide in your yard? Usually that will be somewhere dank and dark – moist and gloomy. Mosquitoes hide in places such as deep down in long grass, the underside of foliage leaves and hidden in the shadows of drains, downpipes, guttering and even in small gaps in your brickwork or walls. Sort that out first, and then work on your mosquito barrier.

To do that, you should use a powerful insecticide spray on those areas you have identified as mosquito hiding places. If you can’t do it yourself then get a professional mosquito control firm to do it for you. If your life is being made a misery by these flying pests, then it’s well worth the money – believe me! Once you have cleared your yard of existing mosquitoes then you should work on the mosquito barrier.

Mosquito Barrier Basics

A mosquito barrier comprises a mosquito misting system that covers the foliage that surrounds your yard. If you have no perimeter foliage it will cover the foliage within your yard. This makes your yard deadly to mosquitoes. If you can’t attack them at the perimeter of your yard, then identify and attack them where mosquitoes hide when not active.

The whole purpose is to avoid killing these pests when in flight. You can destroy as many as you can see, but will never resolve the problem. The only way to do that is to create a mosquito barrier in form of an insecticide mist, and if you can’t do that, then spray those areas where mosquitoes hide when they are not biting you.

Mosquito Barrier – Conclusion

A mosquito barrier in the form of regular insecticide mist around the perimeter of your home is the best way of preventing these pests from attacking you. Failing that, establish where mosquitoes hide and make these areas deadly to them by covering them in insecticide. You can prevent breeding by doing that, but it also helps to remove or treat any standing water in old cans, pails and ponds where they lay their eggs. Prevention is better than cure!