Most Common Shower Door Problems

There can be several problems we can encounter with our shower doors. The older they get, the more they can be prone to problems. Fortunately these problems are always easy to fix. The most common door style these days is the bypass door. It has two doors that slide though the frame. It is mounted to the end walls of the tub. The bypass door is the economical design that is why this is the most popular. This design is also which most shower door problems occur.

One of the biggest problems with the bypass door is when the edges of the door are gathered with water. Of course, being a door, the water can get inside very easily. The metal track where the door slides can be inserted with debris, dirt, molds, and rust. These are all cost of the water getting inside of the slide track. These problems are not really avoidable. The only answer for it is to fix the door.

If the problem is not fixed in time, it can actually be a reason for us to replace the entire door as well as the sliding track. Well obviously, the metal from the sliding track is not really a match with water. But because t I the most economical one to use, we are bound to be using this kind of shower door.

Other shower door designs can be of different problems as well. The other one is the hinged shower door. Here, there is no need for a sliding track. This is a very good alternative for the bypass shower door, but it is a bit more expensive. If we want to reduce door problems, then this one good solution for it; replacing your old bypass doors I the shower with a hinged one.

The problem again with the hinged door is that the hinges can be rusty, and it will be squeaky. When this happens, we have to replace the hinges immediately. Shower doors are always prone to rust because of their exposure to water. But if we clean them properly and take proper maintenance, we can easily solve these kinds of problems.

Glass doors can be good also. But because they are more fragile, they can break with just simple accidents. The fiberglass ones are the most appropriate to use. The doors are the only tool in the shower which creates much problem more than the bathroom sink. The good thing is that they are very easy to fix. Just by gathering the right tools and materials, we can easily solve these common shower door problems.

If there are cases when you are confused whether what to do with these problems, you can call on the handyman, or any contractors to fix the problem for you. Though so, there are also ways for you to fix them by yourself with just a few steps.