Most Satisfying Position for Women

There are various sexual positions and there are positions that are most satisfying for women. This goes to say that not all positions can give a woman the most satisfying experience because of the nature and location of her G-spot and the angle of her clitoris. Men love to experiment with various positions while most women oblige to either humor or please their man. Perhaps, it is the men that most benefits from these diverse positions and they could be satisfied no matter how they position themselves. It’s another story for women however.

Women have only some positions to her side wherein she could actually derive great satisfaction. A woman should try out these different positions to determine what stimulates her most. However, it pays to deviate a little once in a while even if there are guaranteed sex positions that satiate a woman more. Variety spices up sexual relationships and it wouldn’t hurt to go along with what’s proven once in a while.

On the other hand, there would be difference in preference for a sexual position for every woman. One might prefer missionary as her most satisfying position while another would identify as woman-on-top as her preferred position. Many woman finds this position most beneficial for both since it allows them complete control over the depth and intensity of the thrust and can give her man unobstructed view of her body.

Furthermore, it is the most comfortable position for most women especially if they have large-frame partners who might be too heavy for them to bear when in the typical missionary position. It also gives women greater liberation of movement while allowing men to rest while enjoying his woman’s performance. The woman-on-top should start off with the usual foreplay. When you’re both ready for the actual coitus, let your man lie on his back for you to straddle him. You don’t have to immediately let him enter you. You can heighten the sensation by taking this chance to arouse him and yourself even more.

You can balance your weight on your knees and leaning forward; you take hold of his cock and let it slid across your clitoris. Continue teasing it by sliding it across your opening and intermittently inserting his cock’s head a little and then take it out again. The sensation would surely drive up your desire. When you can’t take it no more, finally slide his cock in slowly, guiding it with your hands or his. When it’s inside you, you can either go down deeper or shallower depending on what you can take in.

This position is most highly recommended since you can control the depth of penetration and the degree of thrusting. You can also maneuver the speed and friction of each thrust. Moreover, you can slide back and forth, bob up and down, or sideways or in any direction you want for achieving erotic gratification. You can opt to bend over to create friction between your clitoris and your man’s pelvic bone to reach that mind-numbing orgasm.