Moth Traps: Get Rid Of Moths Successfully

Moth pheromone traps are an easy solution to combating moth invasions and they can also give you a better idea of how big your moth problem is.If you are finding holes in your clothes or have suffered from moths infestations before and want to take preventative measures, these sticky clothes moth traps are a simple yet effective solution.

The moth trap targets the male moths, luring them in with female pheromones. Inside the moth box is a sticky adhesive strip that the moths get stuck to, this breaks the moth’s breeding cycle and frees your wardrobe from these uninvited guests.A female moth can lay up to 300 eggs during her 3 month life cycle – just imagine 300 eggs hatching and having 300 moth babies of their own! Moths basically want to eat your clothes, mate and sleep so you can see how easily a small problem very quickly can turn into a catastrophe.

How do you use a moth trap? Easy! Simply place it under a chest of drawers, under a bed, at the base of your wardrobe or under a desk – anywhere that it won’t be disturbed is ideal. You will need one moth box per room, unless you have an exceptionally large room in which case you might want to use two traps, placed either end of the room.

If the moth trap fills up in the first 2 weeks you will need to have a good clean out, removing all the clothes from your drawers and wardrobe. Give your room a thorough clean out and wash the inside of the wardrobe. Wash or dry clean all your clothes in 40 degrees or more – as hot as garments can stand. Once clean you can put them away. Make sure you use moth repellent products so that the moths don’t return. You should also store out of season clothes in anti moth storage bags to ensure they are protected, this also creates much more space in your wardrobe.

If you are not sure if you have a moth infestation or not, there are a few things that you can look out for:

1. Holes in your clothes

2. Moths with white heads and wings about 2 cm wide with a black and cream front and pale grey on the hind

3. Cream caterpillars with black heads about the size of a grain of rice – these do the eating!

Never put worn clothes back into your wardrobe as the larvae loves to feed of hair and skin particles left in the fibres of your clothes. After you have banished moths from your wardrobe, good storage, cleanliness, and moth prevention products should keep these irritating critters away for good.