Motherboard Purchasing Guide

When you start building a personal computer, the model of motherboard should probably the first thing to consider. It connects almost all the other hardwares you need in a computer such as computer processor, memory, a AGP or PCI-E video card. All of them have to properly attached to the motherboard. As a result, the type of motherboard you choose would affect what processor and video card you can use.

You may not know exactly what brand you should choose when coming to motherboard since there are so many of them exist in the market such as gigbyte, esc and asus. Well, it would be wise to look at the chipset rather than the brand of the motherboard since actually all the motherboards use mainly 3 different chipsets regardless of who manufactures the motherboard. Basically, you will find all motherboards are equipped with either SiS, VIA or nVidia whereas SiS focus on the lower end market nVidia is known in the higher end chipset market. When you compare the motherboards, look at what are the chipsets on the motherboard because the north bridge controls the communication speed and processor, memory and video card. So if you want a faster CPU and memory, make sure your motherboard supports that or at least you motherboards supports a higher front side bus speed (FSB), which gives you the room you need for upgrading in the future.