Motivate Yourself By Planning to Shock The Bullies And Critics

Hopefully you have not been bullied or intimidated or criticized by any one.

As a self-defense instructor, I find that some of my students have been humiliated by a bully and start taking classes to make sure that the situation is not repeated.

At least one student became so confident through training that others came to her for protection. Over twenty of my students have survived violent attacks and several have flattened their attackers.

The thought of shocking the people who have beaten or underestimated you is a powerful motivator. It has been used to motivate people to buy a solution by advertisers for generations.

You may remember the famous line in an effective advertisement: "They laughed when I sat down to play the piano." The thought of people laughing at you is a powerful motivator. We all want to see the laughter turn to looks of admiration and are happy to spend good money on lessons to make sure we win respect instead of ridicule.

The older generation, including me, remember the bully who kicked sand in the face of the man on the beach and went off with his girl. The weakling buys a body building course by Charles Atlas
and returns to shock the bully and win back the girl. Nobody kicked sand in my face but I bought the course anyway!

Revenge is sweet and revenge is often a key idea behind the shock the bully scenario. It is almost worth being beaten up to later enjoy the experience of reversing the situation and putting the
bully in his place.

Revenge is a key story line in many films. Spiderman takes on the schoolbully in the school corridor and bamboozles him by evading his attacks before he administers the coup de grace. Everyone is stunned including the bully.

Half the joy of turning the tables comes from having an audience to witness the final discomfort of the bully. The Karate Kid facts his revenge in front of a large competition audience.

Changing from an apprehensive weakening into a powerful master of destruction is a key self-defense ploy. If someone has a knife against your throat and is claiming money, appearing cool and confident is not always a good idea.

Instead, act as if you are terrified. This should not be too difficult in this kind of situation and then distract the knife man with a question like "Do you want cash or my credit card?"

While he is considering the answer, attack ferociously like the Hulk after he has been tormented into turning huge and green. The shock to the mugger's system should take you halfway to victory.

Audiences love the underdog who ever comes out on top. If you take steps to rectify any weakness if it is lack of strength or being overweight, you can almost guarantee an audience who will reward you with praise and respect.

If someone unfairly criticizes your ability to control your finances, let your indignation fuel your efforts to improve your financial skills.

Transforming yourself can produce both revenge and applause and these are powerful motivators. But the necessary motivation needs to be kept alive by daily visualization of the output you desire.

If you wish to be strong instead of weak, visualize yourself performing the exercises which will make you strong.

See yourself hanging from a branch or bar like a gorilla using your own bodyweight to double your strength. Imagine yourself doing at least twenty press ups a day.

Of course, you must actually do the exercises you visualize though visualizing them first will make them easier to perform.

See the looks of shock or admiration from all those who thought you were a weakling. Enjoy the tone of respect when people speak to you.

If your problem is being over weight, see yourself taking the walks which will help you lose those extra pounds. See the healthy foods which you will start eating and then, of course, go for the walks and eat the broccoli!

Imagine enjoying the inspiring looks from the opposite sex and the feeling of renewed energy and power which comes from being slim and healthy.

If we regularly visualize and emotionally anticipate our success, we may find ourselves well on the way to turning our visions into reality. We must, of course, take action as well.

However, there may be set backs if and when we backslide.

We need to just get back on the right path as soon as we can and continue to visualize and take action. Sweet revenge and respect should always be ours.

When people laugh at you to your face or talk behind your back about your weakness or lack of self-control, you can either sit down and feel sorry for yourself or you can stand tall, visualize the turning of the tables and take decent action to eradicate your weaknesses.

Does this advice work? There is only one way to find out.

Do we need to shock the bullies and confound the critics? I think so even if it means taking risks.

As Kevin Kostner says in the western 'Open Range' when the towns people claim that they are butchers and bakers and not gunmen who can face up to the local bully:

"Well, you are men are not you? There are worse things than dying."

If you have any unpleasant experiences in the future when someone belittles you, make good use of the
motivation that such treatment can give you.