Motor home Awnings – A Quick Guide

Motor home owners all over the world invest in an awning to create an extra living space or protect from the sun, wind and rain. A motor home awning is an ideal way to relax outside in your own little home away from home. There is a multiple of sizes and designs that will allow you to modify and extend your motor home without breaking the bank.

The main factor when choosing any design is the ease of use. You really want an awning that is simple to erect and will not take up too much of your time. After a long day traveling you want to be able to set up camp quickly when you reach your destination. Driving can be stressful on it's own, and the last thing you need is even more stress and hassle setting things up just the way you want. Many petty arguments have begun over the small things like not being able to erect an awning.

Another important factor when you are choosing any motor home awning is what are your needs? If you are just staying at a site for the weekend, or a short break then a full size annex may not be suitable. Smaller awnings are much faster to put up, and may be more than enough in this case. Many people carry larger awnings as well. This gives you more flexibility and choice. You now have the option of creating a larger space if needed, which can be especially useful if you have unexpected guests.

The weather conditions can also play an important role in determining which is awning to buy. Windy conditions can play havoc with unsecured and ill fitting awnings. Obviously, the larger the awning the more prone it will be to flapping in the wind. This can create pressure on support poles and tension arms which will greatly reduce their life, and may also damage the actual motor home. Putting up any awning in the wind will take more time, so allow for this beforehand so you do not get too frustrated. Practicing at home is a great way to get to know the ins and outs of your awning, and will make erecting it when you get on site much easier, and allow you more time to do the things you want.

Always make sure you know the dimensions of your motor home before you buy any awning. There is nothing worse than purchasing something and finding it will not fit when you get to camp. All awnings have detailed measurements, so make sure you know what is suitable before you buy. If you buy from a reputable dealer then they will even do the measuring for you, or at the very least advise you how to do this accurately. If you are buying online then this makes even more important, make sure you know every little detail before ordering or you may have to pay for the return shipping costs, an expensive mistake that need not happen.