Motorcycle Half Helmets – Advantages and Disadvantages

Motorcycle half helmets are one of the more popular styles of motorcycle helmet on the market today because of the freedom that they provide to the rider. This is mainly in part because of the reduced amount of helmet that actually covers your head. Unlike a full face helmet, there is no protection offered to your face and typically anywhere from your ears down.

This could be considered one of the disadvantages of the helmet since is does have a reduced level of protection available to the motorcycle rider. Another disadvantage of the motorcycle half helmet is that there is no eye protection, so the rider is responsible for providing there own eye protection. This may or may not be considered a disadvantage to some since they may want to use there own eye protection anyway.

One huge advantage is the breath ability factor. These helmets are made of essentially half the amount of material that a traditional full face helmet is, which means there is less material that covers your head. This allows for a larger surface area on the rider’s head that air can flow past, which in turn helps keep you cooler while you’re riding. The full face helmet does not leave as much surface area on your head exposed, so there is little area where air can flow to help keep you cool. That is whey there are vents on full face helmets, which allow air flow throughout the helmet.

If you’re considering purchasing a motorcycle helmet, then chances are you have already researched the pros and cons of the half helmet, but in case you didn’t, hopefully this article will have given you a better understanding of some of the advantages and disadvantages of the half helmet.