Motorcycle Helmet – Sometimes It's the Law To Wear A Helmet

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or also known as NHTSA says that when comparing riders on a motorcycle and those in an automobile the rider of the motorcycle is 35% more likely to get injured or killed in an accident that involves another automobile compared to the lower rate of injury or death of the rider in the automobile. If the motorcycle rider is wearing a motorcycle helmet he is not as likely to sustain serious head injuries and has a greater chance of surviving the accident.

In many state wearing a motorcycle helmet has become a requirement while in other states it is still up to the rider to choose whether they wear a helmet or not. Even though wearing a motorcycle helmet is not required in some states many riders still choose to wear them simply for the safety and protection the helmet gives them. By making sure the helmet fits the rider correctly his head is greater protected against injury in the event of an accident. For almost every motorcycle rider, safety is extremely important.

For some riders the desire to wear a helmet is more than the protection they offer. They like the ability to wear helmets that are equipt with a communication system. These systems allow the riders in a group to communicate with each other without having to yell over the roar of their bikes and traffic. It is also hands free making it safer for the rider since he does not have to remove either hand from the handles of his bike. This feature alone is why some motorcycle riders choose to wear a helmet.

Even if you would rather not wear a motorcycle helmet the amount of protection they provide might just win you over. Not to mention that there is such a wide range of styles, colors and protection levels offered that most riders just can not say no to wearing a helmet. Maybe you're a person who would rather be able to feel the wind of the open road touching your face instead of a helmet. Why not try a helmet that has an open face so you can still feel the wind but also be protected? For those who would rather have their face protected from rocks, sand or anything else that might fly your way while riding then you can choose a helmet with a face shield that flips down to cover your face.

Many motorcycle riders fear helmets because they think that the helmet will be uncomfortable to wear. In prior years that might have been the case but just as everything else motorcycle helmets have also advanced. They are not only made for protection now but also for comfort. Most helmets will have a foam or fabric interior making them much more comfortable, allowing you to wear them for longer lengths of time. Not only does the interior lining offer more comfort but it also offers the wearer more protection in the long run.

The most important feature that you need to pay attention to when choosing a helmet is not the price but the protection factors that the helmet offers in the event the rider is in an accident. Most people assume that the most expensive helmet is going to be the best helmet but that is not always the case. Before you purchase a helmet check out the protection features, if they are not listed on the helmet ask your sales person or contact the manufacture for more information.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that there is about a 40% chance that a motorcycle rider who is in an accident without wearing a helmet will have a serious head injury. They also say that out of that 40% there is also another 15% chance that the rider without a helmet will be fatally injured from a head injury. While some riders dislike the idea of ​​having to wear a helmet these facts alone are enough to make most riders choose to wear a helmet every time they fire up their motorcycle.