Motorcycle Security Tips Every Biker Must Know

In this day and age of technology motorcycle security systems have never been more foolproof. Take for instance, installing an alarm with a pager that notifies you if someone test-sat your motorcycle. Nobody pays attention to screaming vehicles, the ones with blaring false alarm anymore. Even if your bike is parked somewhere you can’t see it, the alarm with a pager is a pretty good deal. A LED display on your pager gives the owner information about arming,disarming and triggering the security system. The pager features vibration mode and has a range of up to half a mile. The pager still operate even if wires are cut or the battery on your bike is disconnected. A pager without an external siren is ideal because the thief will never know that he has triggered the alarm until the cops get him.

You can avail of security homing systems service that can track your motorcycle’s speed,location and direction anywhere in Mexico, Canada and the U.S. They have tracking computers that are monitored by the authorities. They have great success at locating stolen vehicles.

There are also sophisticated electronic motorcycle security system that would automatically disable the battery,ignition systems and fuel injectors making it impossible for the thief to ride away with your two-wheeled machine. There are some electronic security systems when installed in your motorcycle disengages when the vehicle is upright and then re-engages after the rider shuts off the ignition. It comes with a key-fob remote. There are varieties of alarms to choose from, ranging from basic motion sensors to devices that features remote arming,perimeter sensors, anti-hi jack set ups, ignition kill circuits and external light which signals that the bike is dis-armed and many more features.

When you install an alarm always wire it on the ground side directly tot he battery. Wiring and siren should be concealed so they can not be disabled by the thief. The strategy of a professional thief is usually bumping the bike to check if it has an alarm. If your motorcycle’s alarm go off several nights in a row, that is an indication that some crook test-sat your precious scooter and will come back with something to defeat the alarm before he attacks the locks. This should be your cue to vary your security measures.

When it comes to alarms, it should be sensitive enough to sound off when a thief begins working on your locks. Alarms should cut down the time( usually a minute or two) the determined criminal has to defeat the locks.

You have to outsmart the bad guys in order to keep your motorcycle secure. That means you have to be several steps ahead when it comes to strategies in security measures. It is time to get creative and confuse the slimeballs. First off, you need a combination of two to three different locks )e.g. disk lock,u-lock, a ground anchor,wheel lock,fork and ignition lock etc.). The thief would not have enough time nor the tools to defeat these locks. And they may go look for an easier target. A lever lock on the clutch adds another obstacle for the thief, particularly if you leave the motorcycle in gear, unbolt the shift lever and take it with you. Next, if you park your motorcycle in communal garages, negotiate a spot where you can anchor your bike to a pipe or pillar. Use a motorcycle cover with metal grommets (to prevent the cover itself from being stolen) and drape it over your motorcycle. Make friends with all the security guys, so they know who should be leaving with that particular bike.

To keep potential felons from knowing where your motorcycle is garaged, watch your mirrors as you approached your home, If you sense, someone is following you, drive right on by. Do not make that final turn towards your residence yet. Make three or four turns around the block. If a certain is still following you, your next turn is toward the police station.

You can disable your motorcycle by removing the main fuse after you park or install concealed cut-out switches that disable the ignition. You can do this by tapping a secret switch onto existing kill switch circuit. If your motorcycle has fuel injection re-wire a switch that cuts power to the fuel pump will keep the engine from firing. Re-configure your petcock handle so that when off, it appears to be on reserve. There are many creative ways to confuse the bad guys. The trick here is to conceal these anti-theft measures so that the crooks will run out of patience and will abandon your bike for an easier and quicker heist.

If you own your garage, you can reinforce it with a basic lock on the frame inside the door. If a trespasser seriously destroys it, he may have created enough noise to wake you up and the neighbors. Same with the sound of breaking glass if you tie a black sturdy thread to your bike to a pile of bottles and the trespasser would tripped over it.

Why not try a baby monitor? Put the monitor in your garage and the receiver in your bedroom. Embed a u-bolt in the garage floor and easily anchor your motorcycle to prevent a gang of muscled-guys from lifting your ride away into a truck. Provide another block using other vehicles such as a car. If a thief wants your bike desperately, he will have to hoist it over the car! Whether you have a dedicated security system to your garage or as an extension of the system on the rest of your home, stuff like,pressure pad, installed closed-circuit video camera, door sensors and motion-activated floodlights at the entrance can surely foil a break in.