Motorcycle Trailers – The Advantages of Independent Rubber Torsion Suspension

If you are looking to purchase a motorcycle trailer to tow behind your motorcycle, then you really should be looking to purchase a trailer that has independent rubber torsion suspension.

The advantages of rubber torsion suspension are many and include a longer life with smoother ride, durability, dampening effect, easy installation, and maintenance free and easy replacement.

Customers who have purchased trailers with independent rubber torsion suspension often refer to the smooth ride of their trailers. This is achieved in part to each axle being independent that therefore allowing each wheel to be independent of the other when travelling. Also due to the vibration absorbing qualities of rubber the suspensions has an internal damping control. Further as you increase the payload of your trailer the torsion rubber suspension gets stiffer which provide great ride qualities. There is also minimal road shock that is ultimately transferred to the trailer chassis and therefore less movement and jarring of trailer cargo.

The whole axle assembly is ready for fitting to your trailer and requires only four bolts. This makes installation and assembly of your trailer quick and easy. Maintenance is minimal because there is no contact of metal to metal. As such lubrication is not needed (bearings still need to be greased) and no parts to wear over time.

The suspension consists of a torsion arm with the axle encased in rubber in a steel bar. Attached to the other end of the torsion arm is hub spindle to which the wheel is attached. As such this cushioning removes any metal to metal contact.

Maintenance is low on rubber torsion suspension. However like all trailers, periodic inspection is highly recommended to ensure maximum safety and longevity.

In summary, independent torsion rubber suspension has clear advantages over single axle leaf spring suspension. The main benefits being ease of installation, damping control and reduction of jarring through minimisation of road shock transfer, low maintenance and ease of replacement.

Next time you are looking to purchase a new motorcycle trailer, give due consideration to the above benefits of independent rubber torsion suspension and only consider motorcycle trailers that have this form of suspension installed. The benefits are clear and you will be pleased with the ride you get from your trailer.