Motorhome Awnings

Motorhome awnings can be made of fabric or aluminum and can be purchased from a variety of places which we will cover in this article.

There are different types of fabric awning that can be bought. The important thing to remember when purchasing the fabric variety is that they should be removed when a thunder storm is on the horizon. The last thing you want is to come out of the motorhome after severe winds and find your brightly colored awning 200 yards down the road, in tatters.

Aluminum awnings do not have this problem as they are permanently attached to your home. They should withstand ordinary storms although it is advisable that you check the attachments from time to time.

When purchasing your motorhome awning it is very important that you take correct measurements before visiting the store to buy your product. If possible have the store salespeople, who are experienced in these tasks, take the measurements for you. After all, they are getting a new customer and will not mind helping out along the way.

The doorways and windows should be measured to fit.

Motorhome awnings can also be bought at yard or carboot sales and online auctions like Ebay. It is a good idea to shop around offline first before coming online. Call different stores and get a few quotes – that way you can compare the cheapest with the online auctions. If you are contemplating going to a yardsale then you need to decide whether you are prepared to take second-hand goods. This does not suit everyones' taste.

The disadvantage of buying your motorhome awning online is that you do not know who you are buying from, unless it is a company or individual you have bought from before of course. So always take precautions if buying from Ebay. A good rule of thumb is to check the sellers feedback from other buyers, before purchasing.

Depending on the weather in your area, you will probably need to replace your awning every few years. If you live in a state or county with particularly high winds and rain then you may need to buy a new one every year. Tornadoes are the greatest enemy of the motorhome awning. Where possible the awning should be removed to avoid damage to the front of your home, besides the awning.

Awnings are a beautiful additon to any home and can be an attractive feature whether to a motorhome or regular suburbian abode.