Mounting a Vizio HDTV 32 in the Kitchen

You may think that you are stuck with your TV blighting the view of your bedroom. You know that all the designs you have seen in the magazines do not have the television as the focal point. That is for other rooms of the house. You do not want a big armoire in your room either; it would just as bad in your opinion. It seems an impossible task to find a way to get the modern convenience of having your television in your bedroom and not have it be an eyesore. So what can you do if you do not use that bulky armoire idea that is popular with a lot of designers?

If you happened on the Vizio 32 when shopping and made it your TV of choice, you are in luck. There are other options for you. The flatness and lighter weight of your flat panel screen allows you a freedom of choice not offered from the older televisions. Your design is so sleek, it hardly makes sense to hide it, but to keep your eye from being drawn immediately to the television here are a couple of ideas.

One of the most innovative ideas to come along is a lift mount for your Vizio 32. You attach it to the foot of your bed. When it's down, you will hardly notice it. When you are ready for that movie you and your spouse have been waiting to watch when the kids are not around, you simply push a button and you will have access to your television for viewing. It is likely to impress guests if you use it in your guest room. Another idea that puts your TV out of sight but keeps it handy, is to put a double sided mirror up over it. For this wall mount, you need to put the screen flush with the wall. Do not put up the mirror until you have done that and ensured that your television is safely installed. Once the double sided mirror is up, you will not see the television unless it happens to be on. So you get double use out of the same space.