Mounting Brackets For Flat Screen TVs

Choosing a new plasma or LCD flat screen television can be a long process. Technological advances mean that there are a lot of factors to consider when making a choice. For many of us its totally baffling.

So, after possibly months of deliberation and goodness knows how many visits to the electrical dealers, you finally get your new flat screen delivered. This is the point at which quite a few people suddenly realise that they haven’t given a single thought to where they are actually going to put this lovely new TV. The old TV stand certainly won’t do the job.

Two main choices face you at this stage and they are – floor or wall?

There are some very smart TV stands available now if you want to have your TV in a corner of the room. Many have cable management which helps to keep everything tidy. However wall mounting your screen can free up a significant amount of floor space, especially if you have opted for a large TV.  It is certainly worth considering.

If you do decide to go for wall mounting then you will need to get the right mounting brackets. Flat screen televisions are heavy items and it is essential that they are properly secured. They can be a serious hazard if the job is not  done correctly.

Basically there are three types of mounting brackets for flat screen TVs.

Fixed brackets are relatively easy to install but you cannot adjust the angle of the screen. As the name suggests they are fixed. This is the cheapest option generally speaking.

Tilting brackets are also fairly easy to install but may cost a little more than fixed brackets. The advantage of these is that they allow for vertical adjustment of the screen. This gives greater flexibility about where you view the screen from. In other words you can lie on the floor or sit in a chair and adjust the angle accordingly. 

Articulated mounting brackets for flat screen TVs offer significant advantages over fixed and tilting. The angle of the screen can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally as the screen can be moved away from the wall when required. Despite this they are unobtrusive when the screen is returned to its basic position. Some of these brackets even allow you to move the screen around a corner!

As you would expect articulated brackets cost more. When you consider though how much you have spent on your new TV it may be worth the extra to get the very best out of it.

With any of these options you should obviously only attempt to do the job yourself if you are absolutely sure that you are able to do it properly. If not then get advice or get someone in to do it for you; there is no shortage of small firms who will do this type of installation for a reasonable cost.