Mounting Canvas Prints

Canvas prints are a great way to turn your favorite photos into beautiful works of art. You can either do it yourself, if you have all the tools and equipment at home, or have a professional do it for you.

Once you have your canvas arts done, the next thing you have to do is to mount it. Some canvas artwork companies offer this as part of their service. If yours does not, you can easily do it yourself. Mounting a canvas art is fairly simple. It involves stretching the artwork over tempered hardboard. Once this is done, the canvas print will become easier to hang. Here is how to do it:

First gather all the things you will need:

Table saw
Spray adhesive
Razor blade
Utility knife
Long ruler or T-square
1 piece of 1/2-inch tempered hardboard

Start by cutting the tempered hardboard with a table saw. The tempered hardboard should be the same size as the canvas art. Next, cut around the canvas print and while leaving a 2-inch perimeter around the print.

Spray the back of the tempered hardboard with adhesive. Do not forget to set some old newspapers around your work area to make sure you do not get adhesive over everything. Spray the adhesive evenly. Make sure that the entire back of the board is covered with adhesive.

Set the canvas artwork face down on a table or any flat, even surface and quickly put the side of the tempered hardboard that is covered with adhesive on it. Make sure the board is set exactly in the middle with only the 2-inch perimeter showing.

Using a rolling pin or baking roller, roll over the hardboard to make it stick perfectly to the canvas print. Apply even pressure.

Next, remove the 2-inch perimeter by cutting around sides of the board using a sharp razor blade with the print and board still facing down. Your canvas print should be the same size as the board and is now ready to be hung or framed.

Using a Sticky Board fort Mounting

If you do not have time to spray tempered hardboard with adhesive, you can purchase a sticky board or adhesive mounting board from a craft store or hardware store.

Simply set the sticky board on a table or flat surface without exposing the adhesive surface. Cut it down to size using a table saw or utility knife. Use a ruler or t-square to make a straight cut. Lay the canvas print flat on surface and cut it down to size as well, leaving a 2-inch allowance around the print.

Next, remove the protective cover from the adhesive side of the sticky board and then lay it on top of the canvas print. Make sure to set it right in the center.

Or, set the sticky board on a flat surface, adhesive side up. Set the canvas print on top of the adhesive board. You can fold it in half first for easier handling. Line up one edge of the print on top of the sticky board and carefully unfold it over the rest of the board.

From the center, smooth out the canvas by carefully drawing a ruler over the top.