Mounting Solutions For The Average Joe

For most people that have their Big Screen TV’s, Wide Screen Projector, LCD Monitors and the like, they have professionals that can install the various Mounting Solutions available in the market right now. There are wall, desk, ceiling mounts and many others. Each type of mount caters to a specific kind of device. These kinds mostly points out to the current generation of TV’s, Monitors and projectors. With the combination of mounts and devices available, people have found a way to enjoy their viewing experience to the next level. So what does the Average Joe know about the many kinds of mounts that are made available for them? Almost none.

To fix that, here’s a quick rundown of the many Mounting Solutions that the Average Joe can know about:

1. Wall

The Wall Mount is about getting a Mounting Solution that can be installed on the wall. There are many kinds of Wall Mounts such as a Stationary, Single Arm, Multiple Arm, and even Full Motion. Most of these are made for LCD TV’s and Monitors based on the current generation of slim TV’s and LCD Monitors.

2. Ceiling

A ceiling are the ones that can be installed on the ceiling. This type usually has a single design and purpose, but there are also the types that comes with a single pole and a single or multi arm mount can be combined with it. This kind usually caters to a projector, usually for an office setup and even a home theater.

3. Freestanding

Since most apartments do not allow any kind of modification to the walls and ceilings, most people cannot install a ceiling or wall mount. To address this issue, a Freestanding mount is tailor made for this purpose. It can still mount the TV’s and Monitors with it’s own mounting solution, but the mount is placed on a rolling or table-like setup.

4. Desk

This are the ones installed on Desks for Computer Monitors. This usually comes with a Monitor Arm and a single pole or a wide base.

With these four types of Mounting Solutions to choose from, the Average Joe can choose what fits with their own device and can plan around them when they actually purchase their own.