Mounting Your Wall Coat Rack

When mounting the wall coat racks in your home you can throw it up on the wall and (hopefully) it looks good. Hopefully the colors are right as is everything else. Find someone who can do things like use a screwdriver or a drill. This may be your husband or your neighbor, who knows? It doesn’t matter who it is, it just matters that they have some handy knowledge. A handyman would work wonders at this and probably have it up in no time flat.

Another thing you are going to want to do is use wall anchors when you install coat racks. Wall anchors will make it so that your coat rack is able to hold way more weight. They have a stabilizing effect on the rack and that is why they come so highly recommended. Over the years many people will probably grab, rip, and tear at it so it must be enforced as much as possible at the beginning here. This is our opportunity to get things right from the beginning.

The bottom line with wall mounted coat racks is that they involve a two stage process. First, you think about stylistic ideas that you may have. What color do I want my coat rack to be? What do I want it to be made out of? And then there is the practical application of actually putting the thing up on the wall. This is where the rubber meets the road. But if you follow my directions given above you should be fine. Just know that the work and thinking that you are putting into this project right now will be returned ten-fold if you are detail-oriented and insist on being very thorough in your hanging.